• Examinations: Wellness, Young, Senior and Sick
  • Complete Dental Care: Using Sedation or Under Anesthesia
  • Surgeries: A Variety of Surgeries Including Soft Tissue
  • Laboratory Work: Blood Analysis & Urinalysis
  • Laboratory Tests: Heartworm Tests, Feline Leukemia, AIDS & More
  • Emergency Services : Including Early Response, Critical Care, and Transportation
  • Pain Management
  • Hospice Care
  • In-Home Euthanasia
  • Behavior: Analysis and In-Home Sessions
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Supplements: Including Food and Natural Alternatives
  • Full Pharmacy: Including Monthly Flea and Tick Products
  • Rolling Pet Vet provides wellness programs and other types of preventative veterinary care for your pets. Please asked for details


Thank you Dr. Julie so much for your care today. It was unprecedented in our experience of veterinary care…and we have been pet owners our whole lives. You came so quickly, meeting our needs with such complete understanding. We were blown away by your care and felt totally supported in every way. We will always look forward to your service and that of your assistant as well, who was also so very professional and caring. We miss Raji very much. We don’t need to tell you what kind of dog he was, or how hard it was to say goodbye- and that’s what makes you so great. You should be proud of what kind of vet you are and I hope if you do work under someone else, you will pass this email on to that person.
-Cory & Brad, Raji's Family
"I want to thank you once again for the support and good work that you've done for Marquessa in relieving her of pain and discomfort of the glaucoma eye disease. She is doing well and I have included a few photos of her as a little remembrance. It is with gratitude and pleasure to have trusted Rolling Pet Vet."
-Lucie Hartnett, Marquessa's Family
The visit with Dr. Bosserman and Rolling Pet Vet was awesome! My cats accepted her and trusted her and for the cat that needed to be treated that was very surprising she doesn't trust anyone except me. She helped me bath them and I was so very grateful. The Central Coast needed folks like you two for a long time, your business will thrive. And the rates are affordable for people. Thanks again!
- Sonja Valerie, Cat Hero
The Rolling Pet Vet mobile hospital came to my house today. These ladies and doctors are so sweet, nice, and caring. I was very impressed with pet mobile hospital too - very modern and clean. They also gave us a tooth brush for Lucky and showed us how to properly brush her teeth. The prices are great too! Bottom line, I love them! I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I totally recommend them and next time they come were gonna make them some cookies. smile
- April Riggs-Davin, Lucky's Family
Thank you. She's doing great. A bit annoyed with the e-collar, but managing. She's eating well & drinking plenty of water. No after effects from the anesthesia. I don't see any indicators she's hurting.......but give her the pain meds anyway. She's perky, purring plenty, sleeping good, even being more demanding for loving attention. You guys spoiled her! She's taking the anti-biotics in her food so I don't have to fight her trying to get it in her mouth. Her sutures are staying clean & dry, no oozing or blood. She is so cute with her new has inspired a new nick name. She is now mistress mousie. I can't thank you all enough for the fantastic job you have done. It has been a true pleasure.
-Kate Nicolle, Lilly's Family
I am very thankful to you and Dr. Bosserman for the love and care you give to Neysa and Julie. I am grateful that someone like you feels strongly enough and has the fortitude to start a very much needed business such as yours. I know that the service I received today for Neysa and Julie was exceptional and I recognize the charge for that care was exceedingly low.
-Fran, Bruce, Neysa and Julie
Thanks Christine for you and your staff. It was great to meet you all, and I feel Cosmo will be have more comfort from now on. We hope that you have great success and we will call you again!!!
-Jim and Earleen Rogers
Last week, I needed medical assistance for my almost 14 year old dog “Kody”. He has problems getting in and out of the car and I am too old to lift him into it. I found out about the “Rolling Pet Vet” in the Santa Barbara area and had them come to my house for a medical examination and treatment of Kody. They came to my house in a state-of-the-art medical van, equipped with very modern surgical and dental facilities. They perform surgeries, complete dental care, lab work, pain management, and pharmacy service right in front of your house with no pain and inconvenience for pets and us old folks. The price is right, too. I do not want to take away from the wonderful veterinarians in our area and the great work they do. However, for senior people with pets, it is a wonderful and convenient service, and it will put me a little more at ease when the time comes to say farewell to my best friend.
-Renate Quebec, Kody's Family
My deepest thanks to Rolling Pet Vet, a Mobile Pet Veterinary Hospital, who came within one hour and 15 minutes after our emergency call before 7:30AM. because our beloved 14 ½ year dog Kody could not get up anymore. My husband and I are seniors and our Kody’s weight was over 80 pounds. Not only were we not able to lift him and carry him to the car and then to a veterinary hospital, but he was in great pain and the stress of moving him would have added to the trauma. The Rolling Pet Vet. is truly a godsend for senior people and senior animals and we will be forever grateful for the painless and humane treatment our Kody received in his last moments.
-Renate Quebec, Kody's Family